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Our expert brass instructor can help you or your child master this beautiful instrument! This family of instruments includes the only instrument with a slide! The trombone! The beginning low brass player will learn to assemble and care for their instrument. Learn to play a brass instrument! Trumpet is the highest sounding of the brass family; therefore, it often plays the melody line of a composition.

Students will learn to produce a "buzz" with their lips, which is how the sound is produced on brass instruments. The cello is larger than the violin and viola, has lower sounding strings, and is played sitting down. Music Academy South offers individual instruction for cello players at the beginner level. Both Suzuki and traditional methods are taught. Inquire today about lessons! The viola is slightly larger than the violin and has lower sounding strings.

Music Academy South offers individual instruction for viola players at any skill level.

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Students of all ages are welcomed! Teaches from home studio, or potentially happy to travel within local area e. Bio: Barney is a trombonist who studied at the Royal Academy of Music. He loves to play in a variety of styles from classical to jazz to pop. He wants to inspire new players to love playing the trombone.

Teaches at student's homes and own home. Bio: Rebecca has been teaching in London for over ten years.

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She is an all-rounded musician who loves helping people to explore their creativity while understanding the nuts and bolts of music and she tailors her teaching to each pupil. Teaches from home and will travels to student's homes. She's happy for pupils to play jazz and popular music. As a skilled performer, she understands how to achieve technical excellence on the flute and is passionate about sharing these techniques with her students. Hayley offers fun lessons that are tailored to each student as an individual.

Bio: Michael actively freelances in London, performing with the London Symphony Orchestra amongst other ensembles. His compositional portfolio includes music for concert, film, television, and musical theatre. University trained as accompanist. Experienced teacher having worked in schools and as a peripatetic. After a 'peacefully lurking' introduction, Tiki's remarkable showcat grace and playful lightness are set as an effervescent scherzo, including some double-tonguing after all, her name is ti-ki , a bit of fluttertonguing as Tiki can sound herself, and with a regally strutted circus march in the middle of the scherzo.

EditionDarok, , SS, 6 pages score format. Four pieces: I. Allegro, and IV.

Tempo di Ballo. There isn't any indication if these are original works in a folksong style or actual folksongs. The music has a range of difficulties at the intermediate level.

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Total duration of about 5 minutes. Ginastera's Duo is familiar and standard repertoire for most flute and oboe duos. In three movements Sonata, Pastorale, Fuga , the composer immediately found a welcoming audience in the United States, including Virgil Thomson, who proclaimed, "This is the kind of music which makes one believe and have confidence in the New World. Duration about minutes. Click on the cover image to view several pages from this piece.

Subtitled 24 Duets for Grade Musicians. This grading is on the US 6 point scale but is on the easier side of that standard. Click on the cover image to view two sample pages. Lawrence Ink is an American flutist and composer. A lyrical and playful work in three movements Allegro maestoso; Adagio; Allegro which uses a variety of modes to capture many different moods. Click on the cover image to view the first page of the score. EditionDarok, , SS, 14 pages score format.

WW Dialogues Op. Michael Kibbe, , SB, includes score and parts. This work is in three movements: I. Allegretto, II. Andante, and III. Premiered in , this revised edtion was published in late The work is in three movements: I. Briskly, II. Quietly Moving, and III. Very fast.

Michael Kibbe, , includes all parts. Originally written for wind quintet, the composer has adapted this piece for two players. Baerenreiter, , SS, 5 pages in score format. Ernst Krenek was an Austrian born composer of Czech heritage who lived in the United States from on. In three movements: I. Allegretto comodo, II.


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Adagio, and III. This piece, which as written in , looks like a good piece for a college recital. The duration is about 8 minutes. Gordon Lewin was a British composer, clarinetist, and saxophonist, who studied at the Royal College of Music and performed on more than film scores. This piece has two movements: 1. Palm Tree Song and 2.

The ‘Audion Piano’ and Audio Oscillator. Lee De Forest. USA, 1915

Cuban Calypso Another Gordon Lewin piece that looks like a lot of fun and has finally been received in August after a lengthy wait. The three pieces are: 1. La Chica Allegro, Valse Creole , 2. Bailecito Mexicano Allegro, Jarabe. Early college level some high school level musicians will be able to play this with the first and last pieces easier than the middle one. David Liptak is an American composer and music educator. It was revised by the composer in It is in four movements: Andante con moto, Con forza, Andante languido, and Presto.

It is in score format 11 x 17 size with a copy for each performer. Kendor Music, , 5 pages in score format. The dances of the Baroque period provide challenging and rewarding repertoire for festival and concert performance. The publisher rates this as US grade 3. It is suitable for younger but progressing high school students.

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Total duration Alias Press, , SS, 6 pages in score format. In the Carlsbad Caverns National Park system, Lechuguilla was known as a small historic site with little importance. It wasn't until that a group of cavers broke through to discover what would eventually become more than miles of mapped passages and caverns, making this the fifth longest cave in the world.

Several documentaries have witnessed the exploration of Lechuguilla, and access today is limited to approved scientific researchers, survey and exploration teams. Lias expresses the magnificence and mystery of Lechuguilla in a duo for wind breath instruments. This five-minute work for flute and clarinet explores the interrelationships between themes representing air, rock, and water.

It combines traditional techniques with extended demands on the players including key clicks small vertical lines in the score, air blown through instrument-some stopped or started with the tongue, flutter tonging flute , pitch bending clarinet and some contemporary notation. Click on the cover image to view the second page of the score.