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It's a political marriage; Margaret is attempting to secure the Tudor line, "the red rose and white combined," which is why she's so eager for her son and our heroine to get busy making Henry VIII.

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Philippa Gregory's series about the dynastic fight for the throne of England is a speculative one, focusing on the women who were otherwise barely acknowledged footnotes of history and fleshing them out with both fact and fiction. This round is less of a fairy tale, let's put it that way. We also delve a little deeper into some famed historical theories that set this period piece apart, including the incestuous relationship between our heroine Elizabeth of York and her uncle Richard III, as well as the fate of Elizabeth's brothers, the so-called Princes in the Tower named for their imprisonment in the Tower of London.

Is either theory accurate? Who's to say? A few historians believe Elizabeth and Richard III could have had some sort of relationship, but that is mostly conjecture, based on rumors that he intended her to be his new bride following the expected death of his seriously ill queen, Anne Neville. Just the rumors alone were a big scandal, and Richard publicly denied them all. But some say the historical record doesn't support a sexual relationship between the two of them.

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Maybe just a quickie. If you just said "Huh? Or you could go back and watch The White Queen , which does address it. To back up a generation, when Elizabeth's father King Edward IV died, the crown passed to his son, Edward V, but Edward was only 12 at the time, so his uncle Richard III—the maybe-incestuous one—was made protector of the realm. The tween Edward and his younger brother were declared illegitimate and became prisoners—the Princes in the Tower. Richard III became king, and then the boys "vanished" without any explanation.

Skeletons of a pair of children much like Bran and Rickon's "bodies" in GoT were later found, although never authenticated. Some believe that Richard III had his nephews killed. Others believe Lady Margaret Beaufort, or someone else acting on her behalf, committed the murders to secure her son's royal claim.

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