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However, when we go to God for help, we must be willing to wait on Him. He also knows the best time to act. We must be patient while waiting for His timing all the while having confidence that He will help. How wonderful to know that regardless of our circumstances God is always there to hear and answer our prayers. When no one else will listen, God will. When no one else can help, God can. Take your request to God and expect Him to show you His faithfulness in His perfect timing. Asking and Waiting.

Morning Light Ministries International, Inc. It was therefore opportunity, not extremity, that he responded to and there appeared to be no resistance to accepting this. After all, Truth leads us. Error does not. The imperative is always on the side of good.

Truth is always urging on mortals its resisted claims, as our Textbook says. To keep going.

To keep going knowing that what he needed was present, and it was not dependent on him. Now as we think about Mr. Perlman and his just going on, we could rightfully surmise that he had faith in himself because he had been in sticky situations before and he came through them. That might lead us to believe that his experiences have made him what he is.

We are not made through, or by, our experiences. After all, we are the image and likeness of God, are we not? Where does experience come into that? We are not the products of the things that happen to us. We do not do what we do, or be what we be, because of what happened to us in the third grade, or high school or yesterday or even today! We must look beyond fading pictures of ourselves and look beyond what we have been told, beyond the physical senses and the material, beyond the 3 dimensions of our world — to find identification beyond our current measure.

It seems to me that the only way we can articulate that which is imbued in consciousness is through living it. It is articulated in our lives for us and as us, as we reach beyond the pale limits of a false sense of reality. After all, we live the ideas we entertain. This reminds me of a delightful experience that a friend of mine had. He told me that he was in a position to help an educational program, which he believed had merit, by presenting it to members of the local Chamber of Commerce in the hopes that they would support it financially.

On the morning of the breakfast, the teacher arrived just as the meting was about to begin. My friend greeted him and asked for the slides, as the projector was set up and ready for action.

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The teacher announced that he had no slides and that he was there for support only and had no intention of explaining the program. My friend took a deep breath.

While this was certainly not the equivalent of a broken string, it certainly felt like it to my friend. Understanding the situation, a man in charge of the projector said he would put it away since it would not be 6 needed. Not only did he give the talk spontaneously, he used the nonexistent slides to make his point.

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He simply asked for slide number 1 and then began to explain what was happening in that slide. You have to imagine it. Now, next slide please.

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At one point he looked out and saw the audience allcstaring at the upper right hand corner of the blank slide where he was pointing. And of course, there was nothing there. Yet every one of those people was involved in creating their own scenario of that program based, not on the content of the slide, but on what they heard. Perlman heard a string break and continued to make music. My friend saw no slides and yet continued to present the program.

Might that not be what each of us does in every experience?

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Is it not our nature that determines the experience? Each individual was viewing beyond what the blank slide presented. Each imagined the contents of the slide based on what he was being told. But when we can change imagination to image, when we image forth instead of imagining, then our Godcgiven nature experiences far more than three dimensional experiences. Perlman was hearing beyond something his physical senses were telling him. He was playing by this hearing. My friend was telling that audience something beyond what he knew. And they were both articulating beautifully with what was left.

Three strings, a projector and the 4th dimension of Spirit took care of a broken string, missing slides, no preparation time, no prepared text and even no involvement with the program. How exciting is this? The knowledge that something is going on beyond what we perceive in our three dimensional world and that it is going on in everyday affairs like this simple talk to the Chamber of commerce.

Of course, we are well aware of these happenings as noted in Scripture. Jesus appeared to his disciples twice in rooms where the door was locked. He fed the five thousand with a few loaves of bread and a few fishes.

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He was instantly on the shore. Peter was lead out of prison by an angel, and on and on. To me the marvelous thing is 7 that Mrs. Eddy noted these experiences and took them seriously. And even more than this, Mrs. Eddy herself received the revelation of Truth from beyond the three dimensions of thought. This revelation was present, ready to be recognized, but it took a thought unencumbered with personal sense to receive it.

The point is simply that it is not beyond comprehension that our living includes a conscious awareness of life in and of the 4th dimension of Spirit, and that as we accept its possibilities we will see its manifestations. Yet we can all begin by refusing to believe that supply, substance, healing, thinking, or any other good can be limited to three dimensions and a visible world — by realizing the objects of the present dream world, necessary as they may be for temporary use, are only poor counterfeit presentations of the real objects which we shall fully know.

We have nothing holding us back. We have seen that what propels us is our own expanding awareness of completeness. Our completeness reflects the completeness of the entire universe. From the calculus of Truth and Spirit operating despite the flesh, operating through its own modes and its own channels, doing its own work, establishing Truth and uncovering the belief that there is something besides itself.

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And of course, we see this in the events of our lives, maybe not yet to this degree but we are making room for this. There is opportunity. I have long loved this work. I sold my bicycle when I was 10 to purchase a 8 recording of it. It has long been a close companion of mine. Indeed, it was not performed until years after he died. Yet he lovingly worked on it over his lifetime, not really adding new music but reworking the themes he used. I think these might have been themes that he really loved, which he borrowed from his other works. I thought about what drove him to keep working on this, making it better and better for years, knowing that no one would ever hear it.

And then quite suddenly I realized how wrong that conclusion was. Of course it would be heard. Surely Bach wrote this in the 4th dimension and there it was performed and there everyone heard it. It was only when I insisted on seeing it in a limited threecdimensional atmosphere of thought that I saw it as curious or even sad. Yet the demand, if you will, of the music itself that it be heard, was in operation — as was its completeness.

The idea and the manifestation of the idea can never be separated, nor can they ever deviate from their original purpose. They seem to be a bit out of our ordinary way of thinking. When we begin to trust the invisible more than the visible, the invisible becomes our reality and we see it more clearly. As we un-self, as we reach beyond the limits of our own shallow thought, we realize a new heaven and a new earth every day. And why not? To delete the routine, tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right. To play the routine, tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right.

Remember, the point of a routine is to set it and forget it — so you use routines for things that repeat, not for one-time tasks. Hopefully Amazon will update this soon. This will take you back to the New Routine tab where you can add an action. This light blue circle indicates how far away from the location you are when the routine triggers.