The Warriors of Olympus II: The Return of Hell

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That was incredible. Yet there was always so much mystery surrounding her, so getting to know her in BoO was awe-inspiring. Her dark history and rocky path all converged, and we finally saw our queen in all her glory. Nico and Reyna, as expected, were able to come together and create an unstoppable power team, with the help of Coach Hedge, of course. Whether Nico was zombie-fying Bryan, or Reyna was facing her past head-on, or Hedge was sending yet another letter to his pregnant wife, we saw hard suffering pay off to real reward for these precious characters.

The loyalty and friendship that formed between these three was captivating. It was a creative way to give the story a well-rounded finish, and I appreciate the decision to include their perspectives. Jason Grace went from an amnesia-ridden, confused, and overwhelmed boy to a strong, confident, and loyal man with glasses! Piper McLean went from an attention-starved, reckless, and frustrated delinquent to a powerful, steadfast, and caring heroine who worked so hard for everything she has, and understands the true meaning of beauty, love, and power.

Leo Valdez went from a lonely, lost, and devastated runaway to a talented, selfless, and hopeful genius who overcame unspeakable tragedy to triumph over his horrible past, find a place among his brethren, and embark on a new adventure of infinite possibility. Hazel Levesque went from an abused, meek, and hesitant victim to a compelling, impressive, and kind heroine who rose to victory and reclaimed her tragic past to create a second life of happiness and love.

Frank Zhang went from an insecure, awkward, and embittered loser to a fierce, wise, and considerate soldier who embraced both duty and loyalty to win a war, appreciate himself, and learn to carry on. Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano went from a regretful, ashamed, and worried girl to a self-assured, courageous, and bold warrior queen who healed an eons-long rift, accepted her dark past, and made faithful new friends. Percy Jackson went from a brash, unimpressive, and resentful outcast to an incredible, famous, and adored hero who persevered against all odds to become a demigod who will be remembered forever more.

Nico di Angelo went from a somber, detached, and misunderstood outcast to a fearsome, steadfast, and loyal hero who finally has shed some of the darkness he was forced to grow up with. In the first two books, we were introduced to the Seven who would make up the prophecy group. In MoA, they came together for the first time. Then, in HoH, they were split up- Percy and Annabeth had to go through hell, while the rest of them ventured to Greece.

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We see them finally all work together, easily, with mutual understanding and cohesion. In addition, the already present friendships flourished and grew. No matter where they were or what they were doing, being able to see them function as a team was amazing. HoH was more of the individual development- by the end, we knew exactly who the demigods going into the final book were.

We saw our final development come through, and every single inter-Seven scene was phenomenal, and reflected upon the whole, long journey.

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They definitely answered that call, and without a doubt, they overcame all their obstacles to reign victorious. And fall, it did.

Gaea shaped his life since before he was born- she killed his mother, tortured him, and generally made his whole life hell. After so many years of pain and suffering, all thanks to her, Leo was able to save the world and his friends, all while avenging his mother and taking back his joy. We, as readers, know that he swore to come back for Calypso in HoH. The whole point of his plan, throughout the book, is that we have no idea what it is. They went down fighting, in hopes that they would save their demigod friends. Now, he has a whole new life ahead of him.

Nothing awaits but adventure and love. But uh- one problem. Are his friends even still alive? Sure, he befriends their descendants, and learns all about how his friends lived their lives. But he never got to see them again, or tell them he was okay.

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It was a graphic death, too- burning up in a fiery explosion, completely alone. Before reading this book, we all worried over who would die. But after reading the funeral, and seeing the grief of the remaining Seven?

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It just hurt. We never know if he sees his friends again, but at least he has the chance to live a life free of war and on his own terms. Talk about an open end. But it does leave some unanswered questions. And yes, some readers who prefer concrete endings may have had a problem with that.

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Some readers just started last year- others have been with this story since The Lightning Thief. This story was so incredibly important to so many people. Sure, some would be happy, but what are the odds that we all had the same idea of a perfect end? We see Calypso, a Greek mythological icon, finally set free of her prison, and off to see the world. Like any long-awaited finale, I knew this book would be a huge target for criticism.

Readers wanted their perfect ending. The thing is, the story is different for everyone. Was I disappointed by some aspects? Sure, a few.

The Return of Hell

That being said, it does hurt to see some blatantly disrespectful reviews. No character belongs to you. This story is not yours. Just keep that in mind as you critique. Anyways, back to my review. If it happens, fine.

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I just think the most important person in my life, frankly, is me. We all need to look out for ourselves, and I firmly believe that I will have a fulfilling, exciting, and tremendously wondrous life- with or without a significant other. All the couples, undeniably, are strong both together and individually. No doubt about that. It sometimes just hurts to see everyone paired off. Like, super dark. I think we were all expecting their development in BoO to be very dramatic and angry.

Instead, it was more centered on the guilt and fear.

It made sense. I do, however, strongly believe he was attempting to punish himself for those he forgot. It was her who actively sought revenge for Damasen and Bob. She even resented Percy for scaring her. But the greater part of her arc, was- Annabeth is terrified. The thing is- why was such a huge sacrifice foretold? I mean- it did happen- but it was only about three lines. On the bright side, it got to show Frank come into his own authority and character! By this point in the review, you know that. In a sense, maybe. He did devote a lot of time to his plan for returning to Ogygia, and yeah, he did think about Calypso.

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