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Unfortunately for him, the ultimate pleasure was pain, and inflicting it on others. The namesake of sadism theorised that because women can fake pleasure but not pain, the latter must be the higher form of sexual activity.

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He was convinced that, deep down, women loved it when he, for example, guided electric eels into them while breaking them on the wheel. Sounds great. In the 18th century, for a French nobleman - much like for Roman Emperors — being sexually depraved came with the title. It was your blood right, and the police would quietly tut and turn a blind eye for a small price.

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Donatien de Sade, however, took it too far. His first run-in with the law came at 23 — shortly after he was married — when he took prostitute Jeanne Testard to his country home. He locked the door and quietly asked if she believed in God to which she meekly replied that she was a good Catholic. Dissatisfied with her answer, he ripped her clothes off, shoved pieces of communion host inside her vagina, and screwed her shouting, "If thou art God, avenge yourself! To further prove his point, he went on to masturbate with two crucifixes and attempt to give her an enema so she would shit in a holy chalice all the while referring to Jesus as a "motherfucker" and the Virgin Mary as a "buggress".

Marquis De Sade: 100 Erotic Illustrations

His uncle, a priest who raised him, frequented orgies at monasteries and kept a mother-daughter duo in the house to answer their every sexual whim. Although he was arrested, his royal connections got him out of trouble and he was exiled to his castle. He had a run-in with police five years later for imprisoning a young girl, whipping her with a cat-o-nine-tails then masturbating into her wounds. Then again at 32 for poisoning four prostitutes with aphrodisiac Spanish fly so they would fart as he sodomised them sodomy was a still a crime then.

The ever-forgiving Mrs. Sade agreed to procure six children — ostensibly as servants — for him to play with in his laboratory of sadism hidden deep within their castle.

The Marquis de Sade Pornographer or presepfizus.tk4

It took six-weeks before the parents became suspicious and he was eventually arrested and imprisoned. When soon thereafter they suffered upset stomachs, they feared they had been poisoned. De Sade and Latour fled to the estates of the king of Sardinia, who had them arrested. The Parlement at Aix sentenced them to death by default and, on September 12, , executed them in effigy. She became his accomplice and shared his pleasures, until the parents of the neighbourhood boys and girls he had abducted complained to the crown prosecutor.

De Sade fled to Italy accompanied by his sister-in-law, the canoness de Launay, who had become his mistress. He returned to La Coste on November 4, One incident followed another in an atmosphere of continual scandal, and, on his return to Paris, the marquis was arrested and sent to the dungeon of Vincennes on February 13, Conditions in this prison were harsh.

During his detention de Sade quarreled with his jailer, with the prison director, and with a fellow prisoner, Victor Riqueti, the marquis de Mirabeau, whom he had insulted. He tried to incite the other prisoners to revolt. Visits from his wife, who was eventually allowed to see him, were banned after an episode in which he fell into a fit of jealous rage precipitated by his suspicion that she was about to leave him and was plotting against him.

The marquise retired to a convent. De Sade overcame his boredom and anger in prison by writing sexually graphic novels and plays. His letters to his lawyer as well as to his wife combine incisive wit with an implacable spirit of revolt.

41. High-Minded

On February 27, , he was transferred to the Bastille in Paris. Though five of them were accepted, not all of them were performed. Separated from his wife, he lived now with a young actress, the widow Quesnet, and wrote his novels Justine, ou les malheurs de la vertu Justine; or, The Misfortunes of Virtue and Juliette. In he became secretary of the Revolutionary Section of Les Piques in Paris, was one of the delegates appointed to visit hospitals in Paris, and wrote several patriotic addresses.

He escaped the guillotine by chance the day before the Revolutionary leader Robespierre was overthrown. At the time he was living with the widow Quesnet in conditions of abject poverty. Again he was sent to Charenton, where he caused new scandals.

Just How Sadistic Was The Marquis De Sade, Really?

His repeated protests had no effect on Napoleon, who saw to it personally that de Sade was deprived of all freedom of movement. Nevertheless, he succeeded in having his plays put on at Charenton, with the inmates themselves as the actors.

After his death his elder son burned these writings, together with other manuscripts. His remains were scattered.

Just How Sadistic Was The Marquis De Sade, Really?

In the course of a life that scandalized his contemporaries, de Sade lived out many examples of the sexual compulsion on which his works centred. His writings were banned in France until the s. As an author, de Sade is to some an incarnation of absolute evil who advocates the unleashing of instincts even to the point of crime. Others have looked upon him as a champion of total liberation through the satisfaction of his desires in all forms.