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You can't relate to that either?

The Iliad of Homer & The Odyssey of Homer.

Well, what about when the goddess of love is trying to trick you by disguising herself as an old woman but is too vain to disguise her perfect, youthful bosom and you think "What kind of idiot do you think I am , Aphrodite? These are all occurrences in the Iliad , which has a completely undeserved reputation as being stuffy. It's not. Olympus that they just start making trouble. It's hallucinatory. It's bizarre. It's uber-gory. And yes, yes—it's also one of the most famous epic poems ever written, by one of the most epic poets who ever lived.

So what's going on in this poem? Paris steals another man's wife, and the Greeks and Trojans go to war. We meet up with everyone when the war has been raging for ten whole years, and everyone is more than a little punch-drunk and acting badly.

What Homer’s Iliad can tell us about worship and war

And we mean everyone—famous heroes like Achilles are insane with blood-lust. Agamemnon is throwing his weight around. Hector is ignoring omens a big no-no in mythology. And the gods are drugging each other, seducing each other, moping about lackluster offerings from the mortals, and basically presiding over this bloody battle as if it were a game of foosball.

Plot Overview

First making its appearance in scroll-format around the 8th century B. How did this happen? What if Homer had Achilles send old Priam packing; abuse, humiliate or kill him? Would history really have turned out differently? Probably not; but something of consequence would have been lost to the world.

On what day after the return of Hektor’s body to the Trojans will the battle begin again?

That the gods we worship might not answer, and on occasion humanity must rise to fill their place. That glory is inextricably allied to wrenching loss. That the victor shares the humanity of the most vulnerable of the vanquished; that there is no such thing as unalloyed victory in war. Caroline Alexander was the first woman to publish a full-length English translation of The Iliad Penguin, A poll of writers and critics, stories that shaped the world, will be announced in May. Culture Menu.

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By Caroline Alexander 27 April I can imagine rapt audiences listening just waiting for the singer to slip. All those genealogies also take on deeper resonance if you think of memory in a broader sense. Listing ancestors takes on a special meaning in this context. As the Iliad was being put together, Greek societies were only just rediscovering the art of writing. Such memories must have felt like the only line into the past, the only link into the future.

Outline of Homer's Iliad

Agamemnon is as greedy and heedless as the worst Tory stereotype; Achilles is so mardy. As the poem goes on, their petulance becomes more and more intriguing — especially as fate gives them more and more cause to regret it. Homer provokes deep questions about the role of fate and human agency. So much for the challenges in Iliad. I remember that on my first reading of Homer, I sometimes felt like I was wandering in deep fog. But that confusion made the moments when the sun broke through feel all the more golden. When a hand reached down to mine, across 3, years, and I felt its reassuringly human touch.

It can bring tears to your eyes. Be nice to her, too.

The Iliad by Homer - Book 1 Summary & Analysis

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