Swift’s Satires on Modernism: Battlegrounds of Reading and Writing

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Here is the initial conversation between Adam and the Customs officer:. Books , indeed. There are several conclusions to be drawn from this scene, about the relationships between, on the one hand, shame and visibility; and on the other, between distasteful or disorderly writing and deviant morality. Shame exists, in the Dover Customs sequence, in the black and white of letters on the page: it is pre-eminently something to be read. The Customs officer and the Home Secretary evoked here—based, as Jacobs suggests, upon the censorship crusader William Joynson Hicks clearly link outrageous, reprobate, or shameful behaviour to dirty literature.

The Customs officer reasserts his moral authority in the most outrageous fashion, taking the censorship order to its logical limit: that all books in some way lead to bodily corruption. The memoir is confiscated and burned before we find out what it says. Text, in the world of Vile Bodies , is inflammatory material. Literary texts are morally questionable, offering scandalous potential for dirt; but more than this, text marks out the borders of the self. They, like Imogen, are simply collections of type, and in that they are, are subject to the rules of censorship, their moral outrages eventually censured—and censored—by the expurgating hand of the satirist.

The way they looked… too, too shaming. Positively surgical, my dear, and such wicked old women, just like Dowagers , my dear. As soon as I get to London I shall ring up every Cabinet Minister and all the newspapers and give them all the most shy-making details.

Indeed, the perception of regard, of being observed, characterises the general experience of the Bright Young People, who are continually photographed or avoiding being photographed.

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The shame affect cannot occur in a world in which selfhood is simply an accretion of typescript. Typographical markers such as parentheses, footnotes and white lines are, in Vile Bodies , paratextual devices that frame the text; using this visual-typographic device, Waugh resituates moral standards using narrative division in the text itself. It is the parenthetical voice that pulls at the outrageous party world, exposing the moral failings for which shame should be felt.

A Modest Proposal 2013 (Short Film)

The parenthetical narrator thus represents a moralistic intruder intent on passing judgment in a novelistic world characterised by the refusal to let shame and judgment do their corrective work. This technique has its model in a more stridently moralist ur-text: St Paul. The Philippians text from which Vile Bodies takes its title—significantly, this is the text used in the Anglican burial service—offers its own clues to how to read the parenthetical narrator.

For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:.

Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. The parentheses in the Pauline text remind the reader of the very embodied shame and disgust that occur simultaneous to moral corruption. Indeed, how can vice exist in a world that is, in fact, purely textual, where selfhood is an invention of gossip columnists and novelists?

Modernist Laughter: Satire

Lying immodestly bare on the affectless page, they are textually naked, and morally blank. While Vile Bodies may appear to celebrate the giddy world of the Bright Young People, Waugh is very much concerned with the ability to access and produce shame in a world in which humans are reduced to mere externals, to text or to newspaper copy.

The Bright Young People may be emotionally empty, but their actions cause us to feel those things that they themselves are incapable of: laughter, outrage, and shame. Donat Gallagher London: Methuen, , A writer can give an illusion of depth by giving an apparently stereoscopic view of a character—seeing him from two vantage points; all a writer can do is give more or less information about a character, not information of a different order. A fruitful area of research in modernist studies of the past ten years focuses on boredom, with excellent studies by Elizabeth Goodstein and Sara Crangle among others.

Leonard Woolf London: Hogarth Press, , Of course, Woolf frequently used satire. Mark Amory London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, , James Carens Boston: G. Hall, , Alain Blayac London: Macmillan, , Frederick Beaty maintains that the tone is both antagonistic to and sympathetic with the Bright Young People. It has systematically actual to inspire the movies of the model of product disease, committed on the natural colonies of the antagonist and the business.

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