Mediterranean Grave

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Mediterranean Becomes Mass Grave For Hundreds of Refugees | The Takeaway | WNYC Studios

Most have fun. Some die. Henry Grave investigates.

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The cruising yacht Vesper is anchored off the Greek island of Thera, in the caldera of an ancient volcano, as Henry comes onboard. An Egyptian federal agent was onboard to guard a valuable Minoan cup, but the agent was murdered and the cup, stolen.

Accommodating passengers and crew members, she is nearly as populous as the Pacific island nation of Nauru. At , tons, she weighs as much as four and a half Titanics.

Indulgence is anchored off Helsinki, Finland, preparing to take on passengers for her inaugural voyage when Henry comes aboard. Indulgence is one day old, and nobody has yet been murdered on board.

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  • EU expresses 'grave concern' as second Turkish ship plans to drill off Cyprus?
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  • The same could not be said about day two. With the help of an Arabian prince, a voodoo priest, and a displaced band of hunter-gatherers, Henry draws on skills honed in a Nazi prison camp to track down a killer who might have his own reasons for taking this particular cruise, reasons unrelated to the sumptuous meals, delightful shipboard activities, and exciting ports of call. Read the press release here.

    Survivors who finally reached Italy told the agency their boat tilted, and then sank, after hundreds of passengers rushed to one side to hail a Portuguese merchant ship, which was said to be coming to rescue them and bring them ashore to a European port. One survivor, a man from Bangladesh, told authorities the boat had a total of people aboard, the Associated Press reports.

    EU expresses 'grave concern' as second Turkish ship plans to drill off Cyprus

    He also said some people had been locked in the hold by smugglers. The official death toll on Sunday evening was 24, with 28 rescued. With warmer weather, E. For the E. Those values are now colliding headlong with the upheaval in the Middle East and parts of Africa, which has driven millions to flee. For E.

    Network for Peace through Dialogue

    Italy has been overwhelmingly hard-hit, since its coast is the closest European landing point from Libya. About 10, migrants have landed on Italian land in the past week, and about , of them arrived last year. Exasperated by the lack of help from his E. Indeed, the 28 E.