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I imagined her sitting with her maids in the afternoon, oiling her hair with coconut oil warmed over an oven of burning wood and husk. I met her only once. My wife was on an assignment in Kerala, and we halted for the night in Kochi to interview Das.

She invited us home and put up a performance worthy of her reputation. She pontificated on many more topics, which made me wish I had chosen to know her only through her poetry. That regret was strengthened when she converted to Islam a few years later and rechristened herself Kamala Surayya.

She had arrogated even religion as an indulgence. The fiery poet seemed to have wizened, and somehow she could access my thoughts in Composition:.

Researching Your Life Verse

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They did not stir. Perhaps each phrase slid off their smooth enamelled backs like rain, like light. Yet on one limb set separately the wisest bird, wide-eyed and cowled, weighed every word. Ms Wroe can be witty and teasing.

What is a Life Verse? 20 Good Choices For Yours

Jesus how good was that? St Francis sleeps naked on the ground in a cave at Eremo di Montecasale:. Nothing at all between Your flesh, her stone. St Francis founded little churches and repaired old ones.

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My Life in Verse: A Journey Through Poetry

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How to Begin to Find Your Life Verse

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