How To Get Your ITIN Number If You Want To Self Publish In The United States

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Can I arrange for someone else to receive my royalty payments?

How to get a Tax ID (ITIN) in the United States - And why you may not need it

What is the difference between a channel or retail sale and a Trafford sale? Am I paid royalty on books I purchase? I've noticed my book being sold as "used" on Web sites but I have not received payment; why haven't I been paid? Why is my book listed at a different price on certain sites? How do I know that I am being paid fairly for my book sales?

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How can I track my book sales? Why does Trafford need my Social Security number? I do not have a Social Security number because I am not a U. What now? Will Trafford send me a to report additional income from royalty payments? Tax Information FAQ. Yes, you can make money by selling your book.

You will earn a royalty amount when your book is sold through Trafford, as well as other retailers. In fact you have the option to choose how much royalty you earn per book sold. Review the rest of this FAQ page for more details about how and when you are paid. Please note that you will not be paid a royalty for copies of your book you order through us and receive your author discounted price. Read the full FAQ about this below.

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Yes, you will be paid a royalty even if you live outside the United States or are not a U. Royalties may be paid via check or electronic funds transfer EFT. Book price is determined by page count, which is influenced by your choice of book dimensions 6x9, etc as well as font size, the word count of your manuscript, and other factors.

For information and guidance on the price of your individual book, please refer to your Publishing Services Associate. The distribution cost is calculated by the costs involved in offering your book for purchase through various channels. These costs include maintaining your book on a Web site, keeping information current, order fulfillment, customer support and any other processes to ensure that your book is available to others. Royalties are based on the payments we actually receive from the sale of printed or audio copies of your book, less any shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes.

Also, we offer discounts to retail and wholesale customers, so the royalty amount you receive depends on what type of customer bought your book and any discount they received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's an example of a common sales transaction of a printed book:. If your book is sold directly through the Trafford bookstore, you receive a higher royalty amount. Your royalty on this sale directly through the Trafford bookstore is calculated as follows:. The digital net equals the retail price less promotional discounts, distribution discounts, and sales taxes. During the process of publication, you will be prompted to choose your price after the manuscript and cover are approved because we need to know the final page count and book size.

After the Retail Price is set, we reserve the exclusive right to modify the retail price of the work, should production costs change or market conditions warrant. You must approve such retail price change prior to it taking effect.

List of Country Tax Withholding Rate

If you do not approve the retail price change or we cannot contact you to obtain approval for the retail price change, all or certain formats of the work will be removed from distribution. We may charge you an additional fee per check if you elect to receive payments by check or draft when EFT is available. All held Royalties will be paid in full within ninety 90 after the end of each calendar year.

All companies have a month-end close process to collect and validate financial information, and Trafford is no exception. At the close of each month, Trafford must collect sales and printing information from each of our business partners. We reconcile book orders and book sales with printing information to ensure that every single copy that is printed is accounted for. Then, we consolidate sales from many different sources into a single monthly statement for each author. The process of collecting, consolidating, closing and posting sales information from our partners can take more than four weeks.

It is important to remember that the sales statements are not final, however, because information posts to them as it is received. This process may take time, but we think it is essential to provide you with information that is percent accurate and to account for each and every sale.

Although we strive to post sales statements as quickly as possible, four times per year it takes us six weeks to post statements due to our royalty payout schedule. During these quarterly payment periods, our staff is busy preparing quarterly statements and arranging individual royalty payments. There are two reasons this might occur. First, like many publishers, Trafford records a sale and pays royalties only after books are physically shipped.

We may have an order in process at the end of a month, but if the books haven't shipped that month, then the sale will not be recorded until the following month. What's more likely, however, is that the bookstore ordered either through the largest wholesaler, Ingram Book Company, or directly through its printing arm, Lightning Source, Inc. This means that they operate on a four-week, four-week, five-week financial calendar rather than a monthly calendar.

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The financial month-end close always occurs on a Friday and therefore is not always at the calendar end of the month. LSI reports monthly sales to Trafford according to the Ingram financial calendar, and Trafford in turn reports those sales to authors in the sales statement.

Any sales in a calendar month that occur after the financial month end will not appear on your statement until the following calendar month. We deliver sales information to you as soon as we can, however this data cannot be updated in real time and may not reflect finalized information. The time it takes a sale to be listed in your sales report is determined by the type of sale:. If a book was purchased online on March 30, but the book was not actually printed and shipped until April 2, then you would be paid in the second quarter, not the first, since the book didn't ship until the second quarter.

You will only be paid once for the original book sale. For instance, if a book is resold in any kind of second-hand store, you will not earn a royalty on the purchase. Also, you earn a royalty when a retailer purchases your book for their store when the book is printed , but not when the consumer actually purchases the book off the shelf. It takes about 90 days after the quarter closes until the royalty payments are sent to you. We do not receive the information reporting sales through distribution until 30 days after the close of the quarter.

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Then, we need additional time to verify, compile and send out the information to you. No, we currently do not offer the option to split the royalty payment between individuals. This is due to tax restrictions. You can, of course, do whatever you wish with the royalty payments once you receive them, but it will be up to you to split any payments with co-authors. If you would like to arrange this, please contact our Customer Support department.

If you purchased an ISBN and channel distribution, there are two different kinds of sales if you have the distribution only through Trafford's Bookstore, which is free, then retail sales do not apply to you.

Author Agreements

When a book is sold through our Web site, it is considered a Trafford sale. A retail, or channel sale, is when the book is sold through any retailer other than Trafford like amazon. Put a lot of thought into who your reader will be. Before they even read your manuscript, many agents or publishers will ask you which well-known authors write books like yours, to whom would you compare yourself to. This sounds like a vain question but it serves two purposes.

How To Avoid or Reduce the 30% Withholding Tax For Non-U.S. Self-Publishers

They are not asking you who your influences are. If they were to ask me who my favourite writers were, I might come out with a list that includes Barbara Kingsolver , Robert J. Sawyer and Ian Rankin. A literary fiction writer, a science fiction author, and the person responsible for a series of Scottish detective stories. What they want to know—and what you should think about—is where your book would sit on the shelves in the local bookstore and which authors would be on that shelf with you. Just as important, if you want online sales, is picking the right sub-genre.

Is it zombie horror, a historical romance, Cyberpunk, urban fantasy, is it industrial espionage, etc. And yes, it is important that you know what the sub-genres are in your broad genre.

If you walk into your local book store and go to the science fiction section, you will see science fiction books of every sub-genre all lumped together because the average bookstore is only carrying a small selection of sci-fi authors. I going to start with traditional publishing which I will further break down into big five publishers and small presses. Each of these companies has its headquarters in New York and each has multiple imprints.

In most cases when a beginning writer is thinking of being published this is the publishing model, they have in mind. These are the folks that have the most power and money and most of what winds up on the New York Times best-seller list comes from big five publishers. Most of the Big Five imprints require that an author be agented before they will look at your book.

The dead giveaway is if they require your work to be agented. This may seem paradoxical but agents own the toughest slush piles.