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Wade, change in laws, guest Michael Kahn-personal injury lawyer, biomechanical evaluation, practical information, know what to do and when, tips, lawyer advertising, do you want them? A real insight! If you have not created a relationship with the Earth so far in your life, you are likely on the path of establishing such a connection.

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In this time of technology, fast-paced cultures, and a quickly growing human population, many people are being called to reconnect with their deeper selves, the Earth, and Spirit. We can see that modern day society does not have all of the answers.

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It is not on a sustainable path of life that will be able to exist harmoniously with the rest of creation. There are traditional, indigenous cultures still alive throughout the world that live intimately with nature. They are a great source of wisdom, showing how we can live while valuing the Earth and all living beings. Although their exact ways of life may not be appealing for people who are used to modern-day comforts, their wisdom can still be heard and integrated within the modern world. Perhaps it is in the wisdom of living closely with the Earth that we can find greater happiness, health, and purpose in our lives.

A strong, common thread holds the knowledge from these geologically separated cultures together as one. What it says is that everything in life is sacred: the plants, animals, stones, people, birds, and all other living beings. Although modern-day living habits often sever our mental connections to the Earth, we are always connected on the energetic level to the Earth we live on.

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Religious leaders have talked of our oneness, to Earth and beyond, for ages. Quantum physics has more recently shown this to be true according to scientific principles. We are a part of the Earth. The opportunity to remember and reconnect always exists. He poses questions to explore each element and tells his story.

His process of becoming an herbalist through dreaming and discovery. Apr 30, jacqs rated it it was amazing.

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Excellent all around. Cowan is grounded and unassuming, has had interesting experiences, and has interesting things to say about spirit possessions and healing with plant spirits. The book is fairly short and is a quick read. Read this a long time ago it seems. When it was first out in print. Think anyone that loves working with the earth, or gardening Sep 09, Meredith rated it really liked it Shelves: own , non-fiction , environmental , plants , favorites. Interesting read. Didn't go into the detail of using plant spririt medicine as much as I thought but it was a good read none-the-less.

Just another source showing how interconnected we are to everyone and everything on earth. May 20, Hope rated it really liked it Shelves: not-finishing-at-this-time. I am really getting a lot out of this one so far. I like it! Oct 02, Starlight rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: herbalists, medical intuitives, light workers, conservationists. A beautiful and magical approach to herbal medicine where one honors the spirit of the plant.

So inspiring and so passionately written.

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I'm off to commune with some mugwort! This was a new way of working with plant spirits for me. What a great book and such a simple healing concept. Dec 18, Cheryl Wolf rated it it was ok. Not well written.

go site Oct 11, Lizzy rated it liked it. Feb 18, nicole rated it it was amazing. Oct 26, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Mind blowing. I have a whole new appreciation for plants and their wisdom. I loved this book! I'd recommend it to anyone who thinks that plants are really ALIVE and have something valuable to offer us besides just looking pretty. Sep 12, Laurie rated it it was amazing. I am currently reading it for the second time.

View 1 comment. Jan 01, Kecia rated it did not like it Shelves: chose-not-to-finish.

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Jan 28, Tiffany rated it really liked it Shelves: herbs. Well written, easily comprehensible five phase Chinese medical theory cum plant shamanism. You will like the thoughoutness and the clarity of this man. He also seems tremendously genuine. If you are interested in shamanic wisdom re plants, this is the most practical and informative book I have read on the topic.

One to keep and study for many years. Nov 08, Woody Debris rated it it was amazing. May 13, Shannon rated it it was amazing.

Understanding the Herb

An unspeakably wonderful book. Dec 17, Niklas Spitz rated it it was amazing. Down to earth shamanic discourse on the plant kingdom. Laura Gause rated it it was amazing Dec 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Eliot Cowan. Eliot Cowan. As a provider at the Blue Deer Center, Eliot offers Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner training courses, continuing education for PSM practitioners, healing camps based on traditional Huichol healing, and animal totem courses.

Eliot Cowan has been teaching, leading healing retreats, and maintaining private practice for many years. He began to study and practice herbalism in , then temporarily set it aside to study acupuncture. Worsley at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington Spa, England, and served on the faculty of that institution in Following a recommendation by Dr. Worsley, he began seeking the guidance of the plants themselves to support the healing of his clients.