Goddess of Aphrodite - Own Your Power (Goddess Prayers - Change Your Life Book 14)

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Once again, her words and teachings transformed me. After our time together I began thinking about the women in my life. Had they lost touch with their vulnerability and femininity too?

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It quickly became clear to me that I am not alone. Nothing is lost. The flame has just dwindled. Check out my video. Then keep reading for my interview with Marianne about femininity, vulnerability and power. We chat about her digital course, The Aphrodite Training. She touches on the ever-present issue of work-life balance and reveals the most transformational tools from her own practice of nurturing her femininity.

I hope this interview serves you greatly. Why is it important to align vulnerability with power? First of all, our vulnerability is power … just a different kind. How can we balance both our work lives and our romantic lives? First of all, we have to make space for what we really want. Too many people today — men as well as women — have allowed our work lives to eat up too many hours of the day.

We spend too much of our energy on work while leaving our romantic lives unattended to. Women as well as men started thinking that romance was either less important, or that it would just magically happen without too much effort. But the opposite is true. Living a romantic existence takes as much thought, time and energy as any other area of life. But it also gives us more time and energy, which is the amazing thing. Deep romance is a spiritual experience, and one of the most powerful in its effect on all aspects of our lives.

You have an incredible training coming up this month. Can you tell us more about the Aphrodite training? The arc of my own journey was this: When my career became successful, my intimate relationships started to go south. For a long time I thought this was just my own personal drama, unique to me. This was a generational wound, a remnant of a flawed strain of feminism in which we suppressed the feminine in the name of feminism. In our manifestation of worldly power, a lot of us became so masculine that we started to succeed in a worldly sense but at the expense of other areas of our lives.

Practicing what I learned from Pat Allen [and] A Course in Miracles , plus going through various experiences of life and love, I ultimately began to heal in my broken places. What can women expect from this training? Most of us are carrying around a lot of trapped light, suppressed feminine, unintegrated Aphrodite. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, might be thriving in our lives, but she is a virgin goddess. Her sister Aphrodite, the goddess of love and romance and pleasure, can live in us too, but we have to make room for her. I think there might be some tears for a few women, but there will also be dancing and loving and fun.

Great news! You can attend The Aphrodite Training from anywhere in the world. Click here for all the details. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for this post! I want you to know what you do really makes a difference in my life! I have been going through a difficult time in my life. I know this time is here to bring me lessons, but still very difficult for me.

A few months back I bought a book at a second hand store. No idea what the book was or why I had bought it. Until I came acrossed this post today. That book was of course, A Return to Love. Nothing is a coincidence.

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Thank you God for giving me the guidance I need for this time???? I want to preface the point of this letter with many, many thanks and admiration for the message you share with the world. I was introduced to you a few years ago by my friend and fellow Spirit Junkie Kerin. Earlier this year I went on the May Cause Miracle journey and have since used the concept of shifting perceptions on a daily basis.


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Thank you! As she told me about her work life I could imagine the money that she must be earning and felt happy for her whilst a tinge of concern about my own career. She spoke about a lot of things, a new car, a new house, hardship in her marriage and the deep desire to move closer to her parents.

Then after quickly forgiving myself I was reminded that no one person is better than another person. The happiness and other positive virtues I acquire do not make be better, just different. I think righteousness and moral high ground is one of the biggest things we Spirit Junkies need to look out for as we forge our paths to truth, love and light, and I think getting there means just being happy, not being the happiest person we know, not even considering what being the happiest person we know means.

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  • Thank you for all the love you spread. This is a very timely topic. In fact, ours are more needed than ever because our world is out of balance.

    Women need to embrace their masculinity AND femininity, and men need to embrace their femininity. On a final note, remember that being sensitive and strong are by no means mutually exclusive — we all need both. Gabby, This is such important work. Thanks for bringing it to your followers. It is the reason why I am coaching women in all of this, and what my solo show, Hot Mama Mahatma, is about. Instead, I see the silly, cynical and satirical versions found in derivative works from later centuries. Scholars, it seems, having been overexposed to such inferior works, come to the Iliad with a prejudiced view.

    They cannot accept that Homer set his epic within a moral universe. They cannot recognize the tremendous crime Paris committed by violating his oath of hospitality and the sex scandal he created that is still infamous three thousand years later. They cannot see a reason for the hatred of Hera and Athene against the Trojans, even though the motive is obvious and repeatedly explained. First, however, I want to dismiss for good the Judgement of Paris. The Trojan prince Paris, the son of king Priam, sailed to Sparta on a trading mission, and received the hospitality of Menelaos and his wife, Helen, in their palace.

    See a Problem?

    Hospitality constituted a sacred covenant, sanctioned by the gods. An oath between host and guest obliged them to do no harm to one another. Violations were much worse than violations of diplomatic immunity today. Helen, born by the Spartan queen, Leda, was known as the daughter of Tyndareus, king of Sparta, but was in fact a daughter of Zeus by Leda, and the most beautiful woman who has ever lived. Paris was another prince of the Trojan race favored by Aphrodite with god-like beauty and irresistible charm.

    From the influence of Aphrodite, Paris and Helen fell in love. He took advantage of his position as a guest to steal away with Helen and many properties of his host.

    Aphrodite - Wikipedia

    He thereby earned the wrath of Athene, who sanctions and enforces the civilizing custom of hospitality, and the wrath of Hera of Argos, whose outrage expresses and personifies the outrage of the Argives. Paris and the Trojans had a chance to make amends when Menelaos and Odysseus, a most persuasive speaker, sailed to Troy on an embassy and demanded the return of Helen on moral grounds The Trojan elders refused, thus making all Trojans accomplices and equally guilty. The response to the Trojan refusal was war. The brother of Menelaos, Agamemnon lord of all Achaeans, called together the armies of all the Achaean kingdoms to launch against the Trojans an armada of a thousand ships, fifty thousand men.

    Homer does not say how she conveyed her promise, but based on other passages in the Iliad , it was probably with some portent that signified she had heard his prayer. The contesting goddesses agreed to let the Trojan prince Paris be the judge. But rather than a beauty contest, the goddesses offered gifts consistent with their character. Hera offered him kingship, Athene success in war and Aphrodite offered the most beautiful woman in the world. After Paris chose Aphrodite, the other two held an eternal bitterness toward Paris and the entire Trojan race.

    The absurdity of this tale is immediately obvious from its lack of a coherent storyline. The marriage of Thetis and Peleus, the mother and father of Achilles, occurred a generation before the Trojan War, before Achilles and probably Paris was even born. Why anyway would an unreliable nobody like Paris be appointed?