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You have to be good just to get in. Interestingly enough, in the Ivy League schools the biggest complaint about grade inflation is coming from the very best of the entire set of students admitted. With such a huge proportion getting A grades, there's no recognition of the best among the best. For example, how can a law school even consider grades if all the applicants have 4. Some schools react to the complaints of the best students. I don't know that such a cap exists anymore, but the point is that Jim told me the pressure was coming most from the very best students in the GSB.

They're the ones who desperately wanted the job offers from the most elite consulting firms in the world and felt that Stanford was not giving them a chance to stand out from the crowd.

1. Introduction

I found the syllabus of another Jim Wachowicz. It is interesting in and of itself to read. I think that should be allowed in every college. My own school does not allow me to do this, and in the graduate school students must have 3. Giving a graduate student a C might result in my having prevented him or her from graduation, which is especially stressful in three days before graduation when the cap and gown is ordered and parents are already in the hotel. There's also a motivational factor. Some faculty, not me, argue that it is immoral to motivate students with grades.

I think the time has come to let up on Harvard. I will refrain from future posts on this issue, at least in terms of singling out Harvard. I admit to being on a campaign against grade inflation and especially the teaching evaluations that drive a great deal of that inflation. I cite Harvard mainly because the world has picked more on Harvard with respect to grade inflation.

Harvard apparently banned its old scale in favor of what you call the scale. I do have one question about where you got your numbers? My most recent numbers are ignoring the outliers. Some versus data given by NPR are as follows:. According to a report issued Tuesday by the dean of undergraduate education, nearly half of the grades issued last year were A's or A-minuses.

In , just a third of the grades were A or A-minus. March 4, message from Groomer, S. Michael [groomer indiana.

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One of my Business Law colleagues ask me this question. Mike Groomer, Ph. For reactions of accounting education to the implosion of Andersen, I suggest beginning with the following modules:. Here are a few other suggestions for your friend:. CPE sometimes auditing is only a module of the course. Buy For Less on eBay. Bid Now!

Outside Accounting. March 11, message from Ronald Kucic [rkucic DU. We would replace the exam with a rigorous interview with a School of Accountancy appointed admissions committee that would consist of a cross-section of School of Accountancy faculty, College admissions staff, and possibly alumni. Unless there are others on the list who are interested in this topic, those who do know of such schools can respond to me privately at rkucic du.

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University Blvd. What is the difference between a "forward contract" that qualifies as a derivative and a generic agreement to purchase something at a set price at a set rate at a set time? I thought the only requirements to be derivatives were 1 nominal 2 underlying and 3 a market mechanism that could net settle for cash. The reason I ask is because at SBC we have some contracts to pay a certain price for electricity in the future and I was under the impression that they qualified for derivative status because they fit into the aforementioned 3 categories.

We have agreed to buy a certain number at a certain price at a given point in the future. Are those not necessarily foward contracts? Your email to Ms. Walsh seemed to suggest that her situation which sounds very similar to this might not count as a derivative. I ask because we were trying to decide whether to disclose the agreement in the financials. Also, does materiality factor into whether you have to disclose derivatives or is it a special case? Hi Andrew,. If you must take delivery of the notional amount of commodity or principal in the case of a bond , then it does not meet the test to be a derivative scoped into FAS Purchased options never have this problem, because an option can never force delivery.

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Written options almost always net settle, but OTC options might be written to not allow net settlement. You might be a broker who simply takes delivery on paper and then immediately transfers that delivery to some party that actually wants big loads of corn. Then it took up the matter once again but did not settle it completely.

This was widely and vocally complained about in the power industry. I like questions like this. It means you are thinking. Put up or call up know the difference between buying an option versus writing an option. You might then guide them to the special rules of accounting for written options after you carefully explain the risks of going naked. Complaints along the lines of "there aren't many good investments anymore" have become as common as dirt. High stock valuations, low long-term interest rates and small differentials in yields between corporate bonds and Treasurys: These are symptoms of a world where too much money is chasing too few ideas, and where investors' desperation to eke out a return has overtaken their desire to avoid risk.

A prime example of this complacency about risk comes from the options arena. Many investors use stock options, which grant the right to buy in the case of a call or sell a put a security at a set price, as insurance against a volatile market. The more worried they are, the more the insurance costs.

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What's more, many are selling options cheaply as a way to augment returns. But investors aren't just selling options that expire in the next few months cheaply. In their eagerness for income right now, they are selling options that don't expire for nearly two years for far too little, says Whitney Tilson of the hedge fund T2 Partners. This, he thinks, creates a big opportunity. For value-minded investors, these options represent a better alternative than buying shares of the company, says Mr.

His strategy: Buy long-dated call options in Anheuser-Busch and other companies with proven track records, but because the options give such an outsize return if all goes well, invest much less money than he would if he were buying the underlying stock. Tilson says. There are special accounting rules for written options as opposed to purchased options. I would go to the originals, most of which are FREE. Ross translation is the best I have read; always on my bookshelf, one of my precious possessions.

Much neglected work, among his earliest works. Not free. If I were to be banished to a lonely island and I was allowed to take just one book, this would be it. Not free, but I would pay its weight in gold if I had to.

One of my most precious possessions. Free, but I would pay a hefty price for the Jowett translation.

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Any Jowett translation of Plato even after all these years, I read them whenenever I can. Jowett translations are my favourite. Even today I could not improve them by virtually changing even a single word Free. A lesser known sibling of 'Critique of Pure Reason'. I read it again and again from time to time. I also would use Sophocles's trilogy. Also Dickens, Rousseau's 'Emile', The important thing is not to make an ethics course in the image of a run-of-the-mill Intermediate Financial Accounting course.

It puts tremendous burden on the instructor, but I can not even conceive of a better way to spend a semester.